Ağustos 2015

Fundus Divertikülü

Fundus Diverticulum

Fatih ERMİŞ 1 , Görkem SUCU 2 , Ali KUTLUCAN 2 , Yusuf AYDIN 2 , Sami DOĞAN 3
1 Departments of Gastroenterology and 2 Internal Medicine, Düzce University, School of Medicine
3 Department of General Surgery, Van Research and Educational Hospital, Van
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A 65-year-old male patient, with no significant medical history, referred to us with melena and fatigue. He used 300 mg acetylsalicylic acid for ischemic heart disease. Gastroscopy was performed as upper gastrointestinal system bleeding was suspected. Widespread erosions in prepyloric area, and an ulcer (Forrest 3), 6-7 mm in diameter, in greater curvature was detected. Erosions were seen in bulbus. In addition, the gastroscopy inicidentally revealed a diverticulum of 5 mm in diameter in the fundus of stomach (Figure 1,2). Fundus diverticulum is a rare entity that is mostly asymptomatic but can present with hemorrhage, herniation, reflux, pain or dyspeptic symptoms. Gastroscopy and barium esophagram are generally used for screening. It can be congenital or acquired. For asymptomatic cases, treatment is not required. If symptomatic, treatment is varied according to the severity of symptoms (1).

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